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General Eucalyptus update October 21

The video says it all, there’s been a noticeable difference in growth this year with several trees thickening up in the trunk. Another year and they really will be trees rather than saplings. Though some of the “samplings” are easily six metres tall now, especially the Nitens and Gunnii that I planted just before the frosts of February 2019. An impressive growth rate, and I’m looking forward to coppicing the Gunnii and thinning out the Nitens for firewood in a year or two.

I’ve continued to plant with new varieties:

all vigorous swamp gums

Also some of the snow gums:

  • Coccifera
  • Pauciflora, I intend to plant more Pauciflora on the bank up by the poly tunnel for shelter and also to consolidate the bank, or ditch as it’s called here in Ireland

Three varieties of Ash trees, the Eucalyptus varieties:

  • Regnans
  • Obliqua
  • Fastigata, a variety of Eucalyptus which I think has good potential as constructional timber. Its already being trialed in New Zealand for this purpose.
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