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Planting Eucalyptus in November

I always say you can plant Eucalyptus at any time of year, and I continue to do this, trying to plant at least one Eucalyptus in every month of the year.

This is November and I am keen to have an area of Eucalyptus Globulus, so am planting them on the bank furthest from the house.
Eucalyptus Globulus can become very large trees, though although related to Nitens, unlike Nitens they can be coppiced. This is another reason for planting them. I want to have a continual supply of high quality sustainable firewood, and I will be able to manage their size by coppicing as well.

The morning after planting, there was a slight ground frost. I doubt it will be an issue, this years planting is on the bank and not in a frost hollow. It’s also south facing and any frosts should be burnt off quickly by the sun. If there is a frost, then it will be accompanied by sunshine 😎

Bog Lizard - Globulus and Rosehips 041121
Bog Lizard - Globulus and Frost 041121
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