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30 grams of Milk Kefir grains for soil improvement πŸ₯›

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Milk Kefir for soil improvement

A surprise to me as well, though inoculating the soil with Milk Kefir has had a big impact on the growth of my trees. Check out my page on Milk Kefir.

Making Milk Kefir couldn’t be easier, pop the Milk Kefir grains in a container and “Just add Milk” πŸ˜‰

I’m not entirely sure just how the Milk Kefir is enabling more vigorous growth and extending the growing season. Currently I don’t think it is actually feeding the trees directly, but rather it is feeding the soil flora and fauna including the Mycorrhizal fungi, and they in turn being more healthy and vigorous are better able to improve the soil quality. In the case the Mycorrhizal fungi, perhaps better able to develop symbiotic relationships with the plants.

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