Terms & conditions

Trees are not inanimate objects ! and are affected by the climate, soil conditions, air quality and site location !

There are a great number of conflicting views about frost tolerance, growth rates and pretty much every other aspect of Eucalyptus trees in Ireland.
I have linked to authoritative / scientific papers from credible government institutions, however much of it is old data. Therefore my own experience is the best indicator, and I also hope to gain feedback from customers.
Most Eucalyptus trees are remarkably robust, and I would expect all those I sell to thrive. They are all renowned for being able to grow in a wide range of soil ph, and low fertility soils. From personal experience they are all frost hardy and happy in wet ground.

Growth rates and final heights of Eucalyptus trees vary and information on this site should only be taken as a guide.

I will certainly be doing my very best to ensure you have success, and where applicable I will give my personal suggestions on how purchasers can aid the survival and growth of their tree(s)
PLEASE πŸ™πŸ» read and watch the video on Planting Root Trained Plugs

The Milk Kefir grains I sell are intended solely for horticultural use and NOT for human consumption ❗️

If you have any concerns please get in touch and I will do my best to answer them.

Pricing depends on availability. Eucalyptus grow fast, if I have a lot, then I will price to clear. Conversely if I don’t have a lot of a particular variety, then price will reflect this.
Therefore prices on any promotional leaflets / fliers are subject to change.

No warranty is given for any tree purchased from Bog Lizard, but as I say, I will be doing my very best to ensure your success, repeat business, and word of mouth recommendations.

My address details are on this site, and I am happy to stand by my integrity and good name. I have been trading online successfully for almost thirty years and have always resolved any issues amicably.

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